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Okay so I mentioned I'm doing National Novel Writing Month and I'm busy with work and college.
Well, it's the final stretch on college. And peak season (because I work in a factory like setting) is beginning around November 16th. So I will be mega busy and the rest of my free time as of November will be spent on NaNoWriMo.
And hopefully I'll get beta readers. Just trying to figure out how to pay for a few (since I'm kinda in dire need of them and I'm like "I will pay to have a couple")
I don't want to go to work and complain about it I just want something to appear in my account ;_;

Most likely I don't actually have direct deposits set up (even though I should) and I'm always so iffy about complaining about a lot of stuff.
So I did get a job and right now I am sort of focused on work and school at the same time.
But for mini updates, I do have a twitter that I now use (same username, should be like "Hi I'm JP :D" too. Expect brief moments though, because sometimes I do not have much productive things to say. Also, might be related to a small circle of people because gamer circles.
Otherwise, prepping for NaNoWriMo and will attempt that once again.
And I am waiting on paychecks so I can finally commission artists like I wanted to for a while.
First update:
Mitderm Grades-
Two A’s: American Government and Survey of European Modern World History
Two B’s: Historical Methods and Solar System Astronomy.
Fuck the Astronomy course. I almost have an A (it's an 88.8 B). But because 9/10 quizzes had 3 questions (so fail one question, fail the quiz) I am pretty sure that’s why I don’t have that A. The wording of the questions suuuuck. Like there’s tons of extra credit but I have to do it because I want all A’s (there hasn’t been a true major assignment in Historical Methods so I’m like “meh”).
Yes, I'm upset because I would love to regain a scholarship. It pays for 15 credit hours of courses. It's enough for me to get a lot of free money coming to me.
Second update:
I essentially have a job, just waiting on a call. One person in HR is OP.
Third update (the reason why I'm making this journal):
So I've been very dissatisfied with my writing. I know I'm good, but I feel as though I write and restart so much that it's as though I can't complete anything. Nothing new, always had this issue. But I think that it means I haven't learned enough. Since it's before NaNo (and I attempted to participate and only gotten like 1k words each) I have time for preparation. I will probably write something new. Or I'll update the old (again). Perhaps I'll show practice, like I've been trying to. Characterization. Settings. World Building. All of that. I can't make a promise (because of my spiel on midterm grades and how I will work soon) and because I'm bad with updating to begin with. But I can try, at the very least.
And I'll write a couple of reviews and rewrite the Ava's Demon one.
So... perpetual bullshit kept me from going into the area for six and a half hours.
Because of high school kiddies.
Okay, so my friend purchased a group ticket for me and the group leader collected all the tickets on Thursday. Problem was the organizer of the facebook group didn't get those tickets and it left me and a friend of mine in limbo waiting on them. I made it known I was pissed (may have went too far with some language) and a bunch of high school punks ganged up on me.
So my friend suggested we go to a large shopping mall just to visit a specific store (Niko Niko) and we did end up finding neat little things at other stores. And found Teavana, a lovely tea place. Like you can order loose tea leaves by the ounce and they're extremely good.
Okay, so I promise I didn't kill people. I wanted to, but my friend gave me an offer. We both found this poster we liked but she (of course) buys it. If I didn't do anything bad/negative, I would get it. Well, the main person who organized the group tickets gotten everyone to kinda go "look, some of these people are my friends. You're both in the wrong. Say sorry, if you'd like. But know that I allow EVERYONE in here in this hotel." I decided that I was waiting for six and a half hours to go to this convention and it wasn't even worth the energy to explain to them that they were telling off not only a college student but a disabled chick (look, when someone fucks with my schedule, dear god I can get so stressed).
But eventually I came in.. at 5:30 pm. And I went to a panel I wanted to, gotten some art, which I will find out the artists for the ones I can and update this to let people know.
Blades by fevereon
one example of what I purchased, I was given webcomic information and I want to determine the artist of someone who I bought alice and an alice with a mad hatter.


A college student who occasionally writes and plays games. League of Legends is under same username, all lower case, NA server
current projects:
reviews (will be one at least once a week)
agency (ch 4 plus prologue for one character)
Infected (reworking, ch 1 up, some chapters in scraps)
Pandora (ch 5)
Updates about two times a week

latin quote: ab uno disce omnes. From one, learn all.

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