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I'm now aiming for post May for when I can get betas.
I'm rushing to get stuff done and honestly I will be a lot less stressed if I take my time and go through a couple different routes.
I have too many books to read, a few too many papers to write (that are all kinda due at the end of March and most of April) so there's that.
I'm suspecting once I write said papers I'll be able to read stuff online again.

And I have photoshop, I have said gaming computer, I have premiere and free recording software so I'm learning all kinds of neat things :o

In any case, I'm just shifting most things around. Will still get a camera and post photos of cosplay progress on here
for when I have money saved up for beta readers. And when I have content for said beta readers. Work (and school coming up) will be kicking my butt, but I am writing. I just don't want to post, not right now xD
Other than that, I might get a camera and branch out to cosplay photography. Yeah, there's a convention I aim to dress up for Momo Con (in Atlanta, GA) so I'm hoping it all works as intended. I already know who I'm going to dress as, so now it's all about getting everything together (and learning how to do stuff)

January: balance work and school, funding for make-up and MAYBE camera. Aim for about 40-60 pages of writing. Get new laptop for gaming purposes.
Febuary: continue balancing work and school. Practice practice practice. Learn how to sew. Help friend with her cosplay too. Aim for 100+ pages (if I feel it's necessary).
March: continue balancing work and school. Need big hat. And fake roses. And feathers. And vest. All kinds of stuffs. Need to get tickets for convention, probably buying with a group (totally unsure, but I have time for it). Have a readable draft (will probably be a second draft, move to April if second draft needs lots of work)
April: a month to catch up on stuff I missed
May: convention, better get ready!

And yeah I kinda have a busy schedule. But other than that... I can plan it. I know I can.
2 As (Modern World History and American Government)
1 B (Astronomy)
1 C (Historical Methods)

I've been busy with work as of late and now that peak season is done, I should be getting back to a somewhat normal schedule. Writing did take a nosedive. But I think for here I will post a few side stuff, like poetry and short stories and stuff I don't intend on publishing. And some fan stuff, since I keep coming up with league of legends related ideas.
I don't know XD I'm just winging it if I'm to be honest.
Also, around March I will look for artists and beta readers, paid stuff. But first researching into what to pay beta readers. I know people will do it for free, but I'd rather pay for services (I feel that's more reliable)


A college student who occasionally writes and plays games. League of Legends is under same username, all lower case, NA server
current projects:
reviews (will be one at least once a week)
agency (ch 4 plus prologue for one character)
Infected (reworking, ch 1 up, some chapters in scraps)
Pandora (ch 5)
Updates about two times a week

latin quote: ab uno disce omnes. From one, learn all.

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